Best survival servers in Minecraft java

01. 06. 2023

Best survival servers in Minecraft java

Survival is a popular aspect of Minecraft. Minecraft is built around survival and exploration mechanics. While the creative mode is popular, the survival mode continues to be the most popular.

The survival mode's premise is very simple. Players must gather resources, craft tools and build shelters to survive hostile mobs at night. This is how the original game should be played.

Many Minecraft servers offer survivalist experiences to players. This list highlights 5 of the best survival servers.

5) Mox Mox MC

IP Address:

Mox MC, which is the current most popular place to play the in-game survival mode, is currently the best. This server offers many game modes, including regular Minecraft survival, prisons and parkour, skyblock and fun mini-games.

This server is a great place to go for survivalists. This server has all the necessary features for survivalists. It also includes boss mobs and custom enchants. There are even automatic drop parties that run twice daily.

4) Tulip Survival

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Although Tulip Survival is a new Minecraft survival server, it has been a great success. This server offers enough content to keep you entertained for hours with features like land claims, buy and sell shops, grief protection, grief protection, free ranks just for voting, and grief protection.

Anyone looking for simple survival experiences will find this server suitable. This server is dedicated to Minecraft survival and only one game mode. It's a great option.

3) MC Central

IP Address:

Next up is MC Central. This server offers a wide range of game modes including Survival, Skyblock and Factions. This server has a large community that allows players to have great gameplay with plenty of friends.

MC Central is a top-quality server. It's built with a lot of care and detail. It boasts an uptime record of more than 11 years, making it one of the most reliable servers.

2) Lifesteal SMP

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Lifesteal SMP, a survival server, has a twist. To steal hearts (health points), players can kill each other. A player can only have 20 hearts. Each time they are killed, one of their hearts is permanently taken away and given to the killer.

Lifesteal SMP has been extremely popular recently due to this unique and fun idea. Every day, hundreds of streamers, players, and YouTubers join the game to share in the fun.

1) Simple Survival

IP Address:

Simple Survival is the best Minecraft survival server. This survival server is straightforward and aims to offer the best vanilla survival experience.

Simple survival is truly refreshing with so many flashy servers promising more than one thing. The gameplay is also well-designed. Below are some of the most prominent features on the server: