Minecraft Servers down?

12. 15. 2022

Minecraft Servers down?

Minecraft, which is a video game similar to Tetris and Mario, is one of the most loved. Minecraft was released by Mojang Studios in November 2011. It has been played millions of times.

The endless procedurally generated 2D world is infinitely expandable, allowing you to accumulate unlimited resources and space. Players have experienced a few glitches and bugs in the game's last days.

A few days back, players complained that boats disappeared when they got off the boat. Others claimed they were receiving an 'Internal exception: java.ioexception' error.

As if this wasn't enough, players now report that they can't connect to the server. Many users reported that Minecraft servers were down on Downdetector.com.

Some people say they get a message saying "We could not validate your access", while others claim they are receiving an authentication error.

Players tried to restart the game, but it did not work. The image below clearly shows the increase in reports over the past few hours on Downdetector.

These are the opinions of some complainants.

It won't let me login. Is it possible that the servers are down? (Source)

@MojangSupport, are there any issues with the servers? I tried to play modded minecraft, but was told that the servers were down. However, my friends who are not in the same country as me can still play (Source).

Mojang Status, however, has provided some clarity and confirmed that Minecraft servers are currently offline for maintenance.

We are updating behind the scenes, which has an impact on some of our services for Minecraft Java Edition. Multiplayer is affected. - Ined(Source)

They did not give any timeframe for when they would be back online. It appears that Minecraft players will need to wait for a few hours before they can connect.

Mojang Studios should warn Minecraft users before they take the game offline. This will allow them to complete their activities before the servers shut down.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this area as necessary.