Minecraft things that need a touchup

11. 29. 2022

Minecraft things that need a touchup

Each year Minecraft gets one to two major updates. These updates bring new blocks and features to the game. Sometimes older blocks are forgotten as new blocks are added.

Minecraft has been around for more than a decade, and there are still many blocks that haven't seen development in quite some time.

Minecraft: Need to update items such as the compass or fletching table

5) Compass

To determine the direction the spawn point is located, a compass can help. Players can help their base remember its location by leaving a lodestone and using a compasse on it. The compass will always point to the location.

It could also be used to spawn.

4) Honeycomb block

With the 1.15 Buzzy Bees Update, Minecraft now has honey, bees, and other related features. You can create honeycomb blocks with four honeycombs.

They are not essential and can only be used to make a flute sound. You can do this by placing them underneath a note block. This works only in Bedrock Edition.

3) Thin potion

There are many different effects that Minecraft can provide. A thick potion does not grant any abilities, but players can still drink it. This potion is the most ineffective item a player can make.

2) Rabbit foot

Rabbits can be found in desert and snowy biomes. Because of their speed and propensity to jump around, it is difficult to kill them.

Rabbit foot is a pet item that a rabbit will drop upon its death. It does not work in Minecraft. It cannot be used to make leaping potions.

1) Fletching Table

The 1.16 update added a new feature to the previously useless smithing tables and made them an indispensable block. The fletching table has yet to be updated.

Version 1.17 of the fletching tables can now only be used for converting villagers (excepting nitwits), into fletchers. There are other uses for it:

These uses are, however, illogical to say the least.

Minecraft has a lot of unique elements and facets that make it stand out. However, there are some things that get overlooked and remain stagnant.